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The notion of “holistic health” refers to a human being’s entire well-being. The term “holistic” means “whole” or “comprehensive.” When most of us think about medicine, we often think about specific aspects of health. For example, we may consider heart (cardiovascular) health or, more broadly, mental health.
This is certainly one way to look at health, and an important one at that. Highly specified medical care can be invaluable for individuals with certain conditions. Holistic health does not regard the importance of focusing on key aspects of human health. However, its entire premise concerns the notion that all of these aspects are integrated.
Meaning we can achieve optimum health when all of these connected systems are in balance. Holistic health embraces the idea that treatment of one symptom alone isn’t enough. It’s essential to consider the root cause of an ailment, rather than just trying to address the symptom. This is because one part of your body could impact the rest of it (and vice versa).

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